MediciNet II - Study Visit at Kardzhali Hospital

The second joint action involving the human resources of the two hospitals was completed with great success.

A delegation of ten persons from the medical and administrative staff of the General Hospital of Komotini "Sismanogleio" visited for two days (Saturday 07.09.2019 and Sunday 08.09.2019) the premises of the Kardzhali's Hospital.

The primary element of the two-day Study Visit was the seminar on the Management of Mass Sisasters by the Health Units. The seminar was curated by the official of the Ministry of Health of Bulgaria Dr. Ivelina Georgieva. Alongside the seminar, several visits to the departments of the Multi-Profile Hospital for Active Treatment "Dr. Atanas Dafovski" AD took place, such as the Emergencies Department (ER), the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and hospital's main operating theatres which had been renovated with funds coming from the MediciNet I project.

It is also worth noting that in the course of the seminar, Dr. Georgieva guided the delegation of the executives of the General Hospital of Komotini at the offices of the Regional Directorate of the Bulgarian Direct Assistance Centre based in Kardzhali, where she presented both the operation and communication mode of the center and the new applications used to remotely monitor the condition of patients in ambulances.