MediciNet II - Interreg Project Slam 2019

MediciNet II Project participated in the final of the Interreg Project Slam 2019 contest, among the 8 best cross-border projects in Europe.

The event took place in Brussels on Tuesday 8 October 2019, in the context of EU Regions Week events.

The Interreg Project Slam is organized annually by the EU's organization Interact, with the aim of presenting best practices and best cross-border cooperation projects in an innovative way. MediciNet II project was selected in the 8 finalists of the competition, between 40 and more submissions received from across the whole Interreg community. Submissions have covered all the themes of Regions Week as well as submissions from Interreg cross -border, transnational and inter-regional programs.

In the final, which took place in the context of the EU Regions Week events in Brussels, the main actions and results of the 8 projects were presented in front of an audience. The Project Manager of the MediciNet II project, Mr Panagiotis Michailidis performed the presentation, which you can see in the following video:

The annual contest took place at the Square Brussels Convention Center. On behalf of the General Hospital of Komotini, the President of the Scientific Council and Director of the Respiratory Department Mr. Georgios Patlakas and the Director of the Anaesthetic Department and member of the Working Group of the Project Mr. Biulent Kiamiloglou attended the whole event. Moreover, representing the Joint Secretariat of the "Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020" cooperation programme, Ms. Jenya Dinkova, the project officer of the MediciNet II project participated in the event.